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September 22 2021

CEO Update September 2021

Despite the continuing challenges thrown at us all during 2021, the Foundation has continued to focus on how to best support the not-for-profit organisations that are bearing the brunt of our community’s needs because of the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.

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September 22 2021

Grants Round Up September 2021

The latest funding round (Round 2, 2021) comprised 26 grants totalling $7,619,300 awarded across the Fair and Sustainable pillars, plus one impact enhancement grant in the Vibrant pillar and a sector support grant to Philanthropy Australia.

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September 21 2021

NELLS is launched

On September 8 2021, the proposed National Early Language and Literacy Strategy was launched by the National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC), a body of 10 key organisations, which, together with input from government departments, agencies and interested parties, has developed a proposed national strategy that they want the government to review and prioritise.

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Image of toddler looking at a book with text saying: Right now almost 23% of Australia's children are not developmentally on-track with language skills when they start school.

July 1 2021

Watertrust Australia Ltd

Watertrust Australia: a new independent entity helping frame future water and catchment policy in the interests of all Australians.

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April 30 2021

Grants Round Up April 2021

In the first funding round for 2021, the Foundation has awarded 32 grants totalling $9,478,790.

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April 30 2021

CEO Update April 2021

In August 2020, The Ian Potter Foundation was the beneficiary of a significant bequest from the estate of the late Margaret Caroline Reid.

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April 26 2021

Margaret Caroline Reid

The Ian Potter Foundation receives significant bequest from the estate of the late Margaret Caroline Reid.  

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April 16 2021

Change to funding rounds

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