The Ian Potter Foundation awards grants via four funding pillars that align with the Foundation's Vision for a Fair, Healthy, Sustainable and Vibrant Australia.


Our Vision


Program Areas

The Foundation's program areas sit within the four funding pillars as follows:

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for grants that meet the funding objectives within the six programs areas.

Each program area has its own grantmaking priorities and objectives, however, the Foundation’s general principles remain to fund prevention rather than a cure and to support and encourage excellence. We also look for innovative solutions and ideas and assess the long-term sustainability of the projects we support.

As a contemporary philanthropic foundation, we believe it is important to work in collaboration with others. We take a strategic approach to grantmaking to try to ensure each grant has the greatest possible impact on a particular problem, challenge or opportunity.

Major grants

The Foundation has a tradition of awarding large, catalytic grants for major projects. These projects are proactively identified by Foundation staff and Board members. Selected invited applications are then considered once a year by the Foundation’s Board of Governors.


The Foundation also manages several sub-funds including: