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A womand and a man standign in front of a banner for the Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics

June 26 2023

Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics

$5 million major grant awarded to The Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics.

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May 10 2023

CEO Update May 2023

Since joining the Foundation in March, I have spent time getting to know the Foundation's Board of Governors, its staff, and visiting several of our grantees to learn about their great work in the community, 

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Parents and pre-school children holding a colourful parachute taut

May 10 2023

Grants Round Up April 2023

The latest funding round (Round 1 2023) awarded $22.8 million in grants. These included five major grants ($14 million), seven Arts grants ($3 million), 17 Medical Research grants ($2 million), and two Early Childhood Development grants ($1.75 million).

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Three perfomers and a puppet wombat in a canoe on stage.The performers are looking into the water at one side of the canoe. Two performers are wearing animal skins

May 10 2023

Investment Dialogue for Australia's Children

The Investment Dialogue for Australia‚Äôs Children is a cross-sector collaboration to improve the wellbeing of children, young people, and their families by working with Australian communities to reduce intergenerational disadvantage.

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May 9 2023

Change to GivingData

We're changing grant management systems. The new system is currently being implemented and will go live in July 2023.

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January 19 2023

Paul Conroy Appointed CEO

Mr Paul Conroy appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of The Ian Potter Foundation, The George Alexander Foundation, and The Ian Potter Cultural Trust

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December 8 2022

CEO Update December 2022

Since announcing my resignation from the Foundation in October, I have been reflecting on my journey as CEO over the past seven years...

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December 8 2022

Grants Round Up December 2022

In the most recent funding round (Round 3 2022), $4,876,463 in grants were awarded, of which $1,626,463 will be paid this financial year.

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October 20 2022

CEO Update October 2022

The past few months have seen quite a few changes to staff at the Foundation...

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Sixteen staff members of the Foundation standign in the Ian Potter Queen's Hall