Find out how to fulfil your obligations for reporting on your grant and financial acquittal.

All grantees of The Ian Potter Foundation are required to submit a report which confirms that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose.

As specified out in the Standard Grant Conditions all grant recipients (grantees) must satisfactorily acquit their grant when the grant period ends by completing:

  1. a financial acquittal signed and dated by the organisation's CEO or CFO, and
  2. a final report.

If a grant extends over a period of years (multi-year grant), progress reports are also required.

Download the sample report form templates as a guide to what you will need to report.

Reporting information is used for our internal assessment and review, and also to:

  • ensure the financial accountability of both the Foundation and the grant recipient 
  • identify any important learnings or models from the project
  • disseminate experiences and outcomes to others when appropriate, for example, as a case study or news story on our website or in our annual grants report 
  • inform the Foundation’s future grantmaking decisions.

Grant recipients must inform the Foundation of any delays or changes to the completion of the project.

How to submit

All reporting must be completed via our online system. You are able to access the online report by logging in to our grant management system. Just click the My Account login button on our website (top right or bottom left of the screen). 

Screen capture of My Account Login button

Log in using the same details (email address and password) used when submitting your application.

The progress report or final report will be published to your account following payment of an instalment or full grant amount. You may refer to the report at any time and as a prompt, you will receive an email reminder to complete and submit the report approximately one month prior to its due date.

Here is a guide to completing online reports.

Please contact us if you have any questions about reporting, or logging into the online system, and quote the Foundation’s grant reference number in the email subject line.