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    The Ian Potter Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors and endeavours.

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    The Foundation makes grants through several fundings areas that are aligned with its Vision for a fair, healthy, sustainable and vibrant Australia

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    We are a major Australian philanthropic foundation that supports and promotes excellence and innovation, facilitating positive social change, and developing Australia's creativity and capacity as a nation.

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    See when our funding areas are next open.

    Funding Rounds
  • Our Story

    The Ian Potter Foundation since 1964.

    We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work.
    We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

    Honour the past, embrace the future.

    Our History
Grants approved (2019-20)
Value of Grants (2019-20)
Funds distributed since 1964

Featured Stories

  • In December the Board of The Ian Potter Foundation approved 22 grants worth $13,924,000. These included $11,750,000 across five Major grants, $1,527,000 in Arts grants, $530,000 in Community Wellbeing grants, and $117,000 towards several impact enhancement grants. 

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    Major grant recipient White Box Enterprises has developed and supported 16 new social enterprise projects since 2019, including Hotel Housekeeping.

  • As we approach the end of another year, feeling exhausted and expectantly looking to 2022 as a ‘more normal’ year, I am thrilled to share with you the work we have undertaken here at The Ian Potter Foundation over the last half of 2021.

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    "In such challenging times, it is nice to reflect on the good the Foundation seeks to achieve alongside the people, communities and organisations we aim to support as a leading Australian philanthropic foundation."

  • The latest funding round (Round 2, 2021) comprised 26 grants totalling $7,619,300 awarded across the Fair and Sustainable pillars, and including one impact enhancement grant in the Vibrant pillar and a sector support grant to Philanthropy Australia.

    Within the Fair pillar, nine Community Wellbeing grants (totalling $1,110,000), three Early Childhood Development grants (totalling $1,710,000).

    In the Sustainable pillar, eleven grants were awarded totalling $4,569,300. 

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    Philanthropy Australia was awarded a $160,000 Sector Support grant towards the development of the Blueprint to double structured giving by 2030 strategy.

  • I am pleased to share with you the exciting news of the formal commencement of three new Board members at The Ian Potter Foundation since 30 June 2021.

    We welcome Mr Craig Drummond, Professor Emma Johnston AO and Professor Karen Day AM.




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    There have also been some changes in staffing in two program areas: Medical Research and Environment.

  • On September 8 2021, the proposed National Early Language and Literacy Strategy was launched by the National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC), a body of 10 key organisations, which, together with input from government departments, agencies and interested parties, has developed a proposed national strategy that they want the government to review and prioritise.

    The proposed strategy sets out the scale of the issue; describes what is happening on the ground, in different communities, and puts forward a framework for action across four essential priority areas.

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    By contrast with other countries, including the UK, US and Canada, where there is a national early literacy agenda, currently, in Australia, there is no federal acknowledgement of this as a priority area.

Funding Rounds

Next Round | Round 1, 2022 | Applications open Monday 15 November 2021

Compounds Australia 1

Open Program Areas


  • Healthy - Medical Research

Important Dates


Monday 15 November 2021
Tuesday 25 January 2022 5pm AEDT

Grants announced

early May 2022

Upcoming | Round 2, 2022 | EOIs open Monday 14 March 2022


Open Program Areas

Expression of Interest

  • Fair - Community Wellbeing
  • Fair - Early Childhood Development
  • Sustainable - Environment

Important Dates

Expression of Interest

Monday 14 March 2022
Thursday 7 April 2022

Grants announced

late October 2022

Future | Round 3, 2022 | EOIS open Monday 6 June 2022

Dancenorth 1 image by Amber Haines

Open Program Areas

Expression of Interest

  • Vibrant - Arts
  • Healthy - Public Health Research

Important Dates

Expression of Interest

Monday 6 June 2022
Friday 24 June 2022

Grants announced

mid December 2022


Support Australia's most innovative projects through a donation to The Ian Potter Foundation. Your donation will support projects that address areas of particular need or opportunity, managed by credible organisations with solid track records in their particular fields.

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