If you are a researcher at a university or research institute and wish to apply for a grant, you must contact your research office or advancement team first. The research office/advancement team will provide guidance on submitting an EOI/application to the Foundation. 

If you are a staff member from a university or institution research office or advancement team, please read the following guidance and instructions on engaging with the Foundation.

What do we fund?

Program Areas

The Ian Potter Foundation:

  • Seeks to support innovative, ambitious research undertaken by universities and research institutes
  • Does not provide funding for projects or items of equipment that might be funded internally or by a government agency such as the NH&MRC or the ARC
  • Has specific funding objectives within each program area. 

Are you eligible to apply?

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Important to Know

  • The Foundation engages directly with a specific contact person in each university/institution's Research/Advancement Office.
  • Applicants/researchers need to contact their institution’s research/advancement office in order to complete an EOI or application. 
  • Grant requests can only be submitted for program areas when they are open for Expressions of Interest (or Application in the case of Medical Research).
  • No more than 2 or 3 EOIs per program area per round should be submitted by universities. Advice specific to each program area is given in the Information Session videos available on each program area page.
  • Generally, applying for a grant is a two-stage process. The exception is Medical Research, in which applicants complete a full application in the first instance.

Steps to Apply

  1. Attend an Information Session

    A staff member from the Research office/Advancement team should attend the Universities Information Session held prior to a funding round opening. This session will provide details on how the Foundation manages grant applications from universities/research institutes as well as specific guidance on program area funding objectives.

    Recordings of these information sessions will be made available on Program Area pages after the event.
  2. Speak to the relevant Program Manager 

    The Research Office/Advancement contact person should discuss potential EOIs or applications to be submitted with the relevant Program Manager.

    Prior to each round opening, the Research Office or Advancement contact person can book a call with the Program Manager to discuss potential EOIs. Call bookings usually open 2-3 weeks prior to the round open date and can be accessed on the relevant program area page.

  3. Submit EOIs/Applications

    Once a shortlist of EOIs (or Applications in Medical Research) from your institution has been determined for a specific round in consultation with the relevant Program Manager, EOIs or applications may be submitted.

    To start an EOI or application, go to the relevant Program Area. Select the Apply for a Grant link (bottom of the page). This link will only be active when applications are open.

    The research office/advancement team must also provide the following documents.

Documents Required

At full application stage:

  • Research grant applications must be signed by the Head or Director of a Research Institute, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research or equivalent office holder of a University.
  • Non-research grant applications must be signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University or the Head or Director of the Research Institute.
  • A Declaration signed and dated by the director of the research institute or other signatory as specified. It should be scanned and uploaded as an attachment as part of the full application submission. Click here to download the Declaration.
  • All applications must be received by 5:00 pm (AEST) on the closing date.

Next Steps

The Program Manager will advise the Research/Advancement Office by email if an EOI is invited to submit a full application.

Also note:

  • Meetings and site visits may then be required to assist the Foundation to better understand your organisation and the proposed program or project.
  • The application and requirements must be submitted online.

An invitation to submit an application does not mean that your application will be funded.

Notification of Outcome

All applications for a grant are considered by the Foundation’s Board of Governors. The Board meets three times a year and you will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the meeting.

Both the research office contact person and the applicant/researcher should receive notification of the outcome of the application by email.

Our Program Areas

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