We welcome acknowledgement of the Foundation’s support. Here grantees can download logos, find a description of the Foundation for media release, and learn how to obtain quotes and comments for publicity purposes.

Use of logos

Please use the logo in its original full-colour form on a white background whenever possible. 

IPF logo


Acknowledgement of the Foundation

If you would like to include a description of the Foundation in a press release, we suggest using the following paragraph:

About The Ian Potter Foundation
The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations. The Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors including the arts, medical research, public health research, early childhood development, community wellbeing and environmental science. The Ian Potter Foundation aims to support and promote a fair, healthy, sustainable and vibrant Australia.


Referring to The Ian Potter Foundation

When mentioning The Ian Potter Foundation by its full name, please capitalise 'The'.

Quotes and comments

We are happy to support your publicity outreach with a quote or comment regarding your grant and/or your project. If you would like to include a quote from the Foundation, please contact the Communications team.

Please note: all quotes are attributable to the Chairman. A minimum of one week’s notice is required to obtain the necessary approvals.

For more information please contact our Communications team via the contact form selecting Communications as the email subject or on 03 9650 3188.