May 9 2023

Change to GivingData

By The Ian Potter Foundation

We're changing grant management systems

Our team are currently working on transitioning to GivingData to manage our grants, grantee relationships and application process. GivingData is a purpose-built grants management system designed specifically for the needs of grantmakers.

From a grantee perspective, GivingData provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that reduces application times and improves the reporting experience. For example, application forms will now include rich-text editing and be auto-saved.


Our existing system will remain open to applicants and grantees up until Friday, 23 June, at 5 pm (AEST). From that date, the current system will become read-only to allow for the migration of all data to the new system. We expect this migration to last 2–3 weeks, with our new GivingData portal being launched in early July 2023.

How does that affect grantees/applicants?

We will let all current grantees and those in the process of completing full applications know when they can log into the new system to set up their new login credentials and continue submitting reports, requirements and applications.

Grantees should note that any grant requirements previously submitted (such as the original application, supporting documents or progress reports) will NOT be available in GivingData.

We strongly recommend that organisations with open grants download these documents and files from our current system prior to 23 June 2023.