You have recently received an email invitation from GivingData to complete a Grant Application. 

Below is an overview of the steps to activate your GivingData account so you can access the application form within our system.

Screenshot of the Invite to Activate Account email
How do I activate my account?

You should have received a separate email directly from GivingData inviting you to activate your GivingData account. 

The Activate Your Account email will look like this >

  • Click on the Activate Your Account button to set up your account credentials.
  • You must use the username (email address) in the email invite, as this is already connected to your grant record within GivingData.
  • Set a secure password.
  • Make sure you record your password for future reference.
Please check your SPAM folders or email security filter systems if the Activate Account email invite doesn't appear in your inbox within two days of receiving the Invitation to Complete an Application email.
Screenshot of GivingData Grantee Portal home page
What should I see when I log in to GivingData?

Once logged in to GivingData, you will see the following sections on the Grantee Portal home page.

Active Applications tab: This is where you'll find your Application Form to complete. 

Active Grants tab: If you are awarded a grant, this is where you can see:

  • Active Grant Forms: For Project Goals Review and to change Contact Details 
  • Submissions: For EFT forms 
  • Reports: For reporting requirements such as Progress reports and Final reports.

Closed Grants tab: Here, you may view information related to your organisation’s closed grants.

Declined Applications tab: If a previous application was not awarded, you will still be able to see details of the submission in this tab.

Note: Any forms submitted via GivingData can be viewed going forward. Forms submitted previously via our old system will no longer be available to view.

What happens next?

Once you have activated your GivingData account, you can start completing your Application Form.

In the email inviting you to submit an application, there is a link that takes you to the relevant portal section so you can complete the application form.

The GivingData Grantee Portal interface includes detailed instructions on how to complete an application.

You if need further assistance, please contact us.