November 29 2018

Derby Region Aboriginal Early Childhood Care and Development

By The Ian Potter Foundation

Indigenous mother with her three young children wearing white ochre
Children and a parent gathered at the river bank where, as part of preparation for a traditional dance, women painted the children's faces with white ochre.
World Vision Australia
Derby Region Aboriginal Early Childhood Care and Development Program
5 years

This grant supports World Vision Australia (WVA) in scaling up a regional network of community-based Aboriginal Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programs in the Derby region of the Kimberleys in Western Australia.

This next phase is an expansion of the successful ECCD program, With six centres already in place, this expansion will bring early childhood services to all major communities in the Derby region, supporting over 500 children aged 0-4 years and their parents.

There is a clear need for early childhood services for these communities as Indigenous children living in remote areas are some of the most educationally disadvantaged children in Australia.

The WVA program integrates learnings from over 60 countries, as well as those from the first program interaction and evaluation in Central Australia. In the Pilbara region, the program has contributed to a significant increase in the number of children developmentally on track over a three-year period.

This grant will assist WVA to employ local Aboriginal early childhood community development facilitators, establish early childhood reference groups which will be responsible for championing and driving the early childhood agendas in their communities, and establish supported playgroups for parents and caregivers and their young children.