May 31 2019

Open for Good

By The Ian Potter Foundation

This week The Ian Potter Foundation was honoured to receive, alongside the Rockefeller Foundation and the C&A Foundation, the inaugural #OpenForGood Award from Candid at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) conference in Seattle, USA.  Unfortunately, our CEO Craig Connelly was not able to attend in person but he did send a short video message thanking Candid for this acknowledgement.

The #OpenForGood Award is designed to recognise and encourage foundations to openly share what they learn so philanthropic organisations and the not-for-profits they fund can all become collectively smarter. The award is part of a larger #OpenForGood campaign which started in 2017 as part of Candid's (Foundation Center) GlassPockets initiative. 

The Ian Potter Foundation joined GlassPockets in late 2017 becoming the first foundation outside of the US to join. Since then, The Ian Potter Foundation has continued to share its own and grantee learnings via a Knowledge Centre on its website and through IssueLab an open-access online repository of reports. 

The Foundation is proud to be part of this wider global community of philanthropic foundations willing to share their knowledge with other funders and the not-for-profit sector. We hope the learnings we share will assist other Australian foundations and encourage them to follow suit.

Read an interview with Craig Connelly published on the Glasspockets' Transparency Talk blog, where he explains The Ian Potter Foundation's focus on evaluation and approach to knowledge sharing.