November 30 2017

Seed Foundation

By The Ian Potter Foundation

Three Indigenous students with dummy child
First People’s Health Program students supported by the Seed Foundation.
Seed Foundation
Growing Our Own
$1.75 million
5 years

Seed Foundation was established in 2015 to provide a wraparound support function to Indigenous high school students enrolled in the First People’s Health Program (FPHP). Seed Foundation leads a collaborative effort to provide support and pathways to further study and employment for these students. This includes health training (40 weeks Certificate II and III levels in health and community services) individual mentoring, career guidance, community engagement and access to further training and employment opportunities through cross-sector partnerships.

This major grant funds the expansion of Seed Foundation’s services to support the increasing number of Indigenous students wishing to train as health and social services professionals and seeking employment opportunities in their local communities.

The value of Seed Foundation’s program is three-fold. It promotes an understanding of the importance of health to Indigenous youth which is critical given the gap in health outcomes in Indigenous communities. Increasing the number of Indigenous health and social service workers increases employment opportunities for those individuals, many of whom wish to remain in their communities. This ensures better access to appropriate health care for Indigenous people in those regional and remote communities.