November 30 2017

Hope Street First Response in Melton

By The Ian Potter Foundation

Man leaning against wall which has Hope spelled out
Hope Street Melton First Response
Hope Street Youth & Family Service Inc
Hope Street First Response in Melton – Youth Mobile Outreach Service
$1.8 million
4 years
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Hope Street Youth and Family Services Inc has been awarded $1.8m over four years to establish the First Response Youth Service in the City of Melton, a homeless youth outreach service that will be based at a newly purpose-built youth crisis accommodation service. Currently, the nearest crisis support or accommodation service for the youth of Melton is 35km away in Melbourne’s CBD.

The grant made by the Foundation complements funding from the Victorian State Government, other philanthropic organisations, and community pro bono support.

This new service will complement other existing Hope Street specialist youth homelessness programs in Melton. The mobile outreach service provides a continuity of care essential to building trust and engagement with young people in need. This project will address the immediate needs of young people/families in crisis thus preventing them from entering the cycle of disadvantage caused by homelessness.