Ximena Avalos Manrique

Ximena Avalos Mendez

Research & Evaluation and Major Grants Development Officer

Ximena joined the Foundation in May 2022 as Research & Evaluation and Major Grants Development Officer to work with the Major Grants and Research & Evaluation teams.

Ximena holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Affairs) from The Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, and a Master in Development Studies with a Gender Specialisation from The University of Melbourne.

She began her career in the humanitarian and development sector in Mexico, her home country, before moving to Australia in 2020. Ximena’s experience includes working at the United Nations, the Human Rights Office in the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Mexican Food Banks Association, and the International Agency of Quality Education.

Ximena is a certified Clown Doctor and has extensive community-based volunteering experience. In her spare time, she delivers workshops on gender-based violence, diversity and inclusion for higher education institutions and private companies.

She is passionate about photography and healing the body and soul through laugh therapy.