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  • Program Area: Healthy - Medical Research
  • Amount: $100,000
  • Project State: WA
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Inc T/A Western Australian Institute for Medical Research

An automated digital pathology scanner to accelerate drug target discovery

To acquire an automated digital pathology scanner with brightfield and fluorescence microscopy capabilities to accelerate drug target discovery.

  • Program Area: Healthy - Medical Research
  • Amount: $100,000
  • Project State: NSW
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: St Vincent's Hospital Sydney Ltd

High-speed 2D/3D microscope imaging platform with image-enhancing capability for disease modelling and testing novel therapies

To acquire revolutionary new microscope technology equipment to validate disease modelling and therapeutic applications.

  • Program Area: Healthy - Medical Research
  • Amount: $100,000
  • Project State: NT
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: Menzies School of Health Research

Acquisition of instrumentation for MALDI-TOF MS based microbial identification.

To purchase equipment to fastrack microbial identification for therapies and training of new generation of local researchers.

Healthy skin, healthy lives: building evidence for and with Aboriginal communities in the SToP trial

The SToP trial is a clinical trial which seeks to address the huge and preventable burden of impetigo in Indigenous children. Working in partnership with Indigenous health care providers, the SToP (See, Treat, Prevent skin sores and scabies) clinical trial aims to reduce the burden of skin infections by developing and testing an innovative model of comprehensive skin health control in Indigenous communities

This grant will support a Postdoctoral research fellow to oversee the scientific direction of the trial, support and mentor local Indigenous community members to up-skill them as research assistants and lead the process evaluation for the trial's comprehensive program.

  • Program Area: Healthy - Public Health Research
  • Amount: $300,000
  • Project State: NSW
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Limited

Ngalaiya Boorai Gabara Budbut - Supporting the heads and hearts of Aboriginal children and adolescents.

To strengthen primary mental health care for Indigenous children and adolescents the research team will formally validate culturally appropriate assessment tools and co-design, develop, implement, and evaluate a training package and resources targeting care providers to promote timely and responsive care to the mental health needs of Indigenous children and adolescents.

Evaluation of an innovative clinical decision support tool for economic impact, transferability and scalability

Territory Kidney Care (TKC) is the first clinical decision support tool in Australia that automates the consolidation of patient records from government and non-government health services, with the aim to close the information gap and facilitate integrated care. TKC addresses the enormous burden of end stage renal disease in Aboriginal communities in NT.

This funding will be used to rigorously evaluate TKC functionality, clinician uptake and resource impact with the view to undertake further enhancements to ready TKC for up-scaling across northern Australia and replication into other states and/or diseases

  • Program Area: Healthy - Public Health Research
  • Amount: $590,000
  • Project State: National
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: Australian National University: College of Health & Medicine

The Mayi Kuwayu Study - community outreach researcher

The Mayi Kuwayu Study is the first large-scale study undertaken worldwide to explore the impact of culture on Indigenous health and wellbeing. Aboriginal-led and governed, the results from this study will provide meaningful evidence for creating better policies and programs and will empower communities with evidence and knowledge to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Foundation's funding will support a dedicated Community Outreach Researcher position to to increase community participation and engagement, including reporting back to communities with meaningful findings, to ensure communities are benefiting from their participation

  • Program Area: Healthy - Public Health Research
  • Amount: $360,000
  • Project State: WA
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: University of Sydney: Faculty of Medicine and Health

Improving the lives of adolescents in a remote Indigenous Community: The Bigiswun Kid Project

The Bigiswun Kid Project will follow up participants from the Lililwan Project to determine their health, mental health and wellbeing in adolescence. The applicant will interview them, their parents and teachers; collect health, mental health, education, justice and child protection data; and review the implementation of management plans provided in 2012.

The findings will be used to inform the co-design (with Aboriginal Organisations and health services) of a sustainable youth mental health service and to advocate for funding to implement it sustainably. The findings will improve understanding of the impacts of FASD and ELT on adolescent outcomes in remote Aboriginal Communities.

Writing for all: Studying the development of handwriting and keyboarding skills in the Early Years

This project will assess children's handwriting and keyboarding skills and evaluate the predictive value of these different modes in children's writing and reading performance. The project will also assess writing instruction and children's engagement in producing written work both by hand and by keyboard.

  • Program Area: Education
  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project State: VIC
  • Year Granted: 2020
  • Grantee: Australian Schools Plus Ltd

Fair Education Program - Victoria

Through this project, the Ian Potter Foundation will enable a cluster of early childhood education centres and primary schools in a disadvantaged community within Victoria, to participate in the successful Fair Education Program. The participating cluster will receive three years of funding, during which experienced educational coaches will work with principals, preschool directors and their leadership teams to help design, deliver and evaluate an innovative project focused on school readiness of early learners, through increased family and community engagement.

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