Do you have deadlines for applications?

Yes. For regular applications, we set strictly enforced closing dates which are set out on this website (see Funding Rounds).

All EOIs and full Applications need only be submitted online.  You no longer need to submit hard copies at either stage of the application process. 

EOIs and Applications must be submitted by the 5:00 pm EST deadline on the closing date. 

All grant applications are considered at the Foundation’s board meetings, which are held three times a year.

Is my organisation eligible for a grant?

Only charitable organisations that hold both DGR Item 1 and TCC status are eligible to apply for a grant. Refer to the Eligibility and Exclusions information to learn more.

How much money can we ask for?

Most of our program areas offer small and large grants with specified minimum or maximum amounts (refer to the relevant program area objectives).

The Ian Potter Foundation rarely awards the full amount of any project. Please ensure that you have alternative providers of funding and that your application clearly indicates your project's additional sources of funding.  

Does a grant include GST?

The Ian Potter Foundation makes each grant payment as a gift.  The Ian Potter Foundation is of the view that it does not receive any material benefit in return for the payment and is not the recipient of a supply.  Further, the GST Act provides that making a gift to a non-profit body is not the provision of consideration.

It would, therefore, follow that the grant payment does not constitute consideration for a taxable supply and GST should not be applicable.

In some circumstances, the GST position could be unclear and accordingly, The Ian Potter Foundation recommends that your organisation seeks its own GST advice if it considers it necessary.  If your organisation has a contrary opinion to the above, we require you to advise us.

Can I include indirect, overhead and administrative costs in my grant application?

The Foundation recognises that some overhead and administrative costs may be directly attributable to the projects or activities being funded. In such cases, the Foundation will consider funding these expenses to a reasonable level, usually not more than 10% of the total amount requested.

What do we do if the project fits into more than one funding area?

We suggest that you apply to the funding area that seems to fit best and if necessary our staff will redirect the application to a different funding area.

How do we know if the project will be considered a priority for funding?

The Foundation’s Funding Principles, the objectives for each funding area and our general and specific exclusions provide clear guidance regarding our funding priorities. You will be guided through these as you progress through the grant-seeking process on this website – please take the time to read these carefully.

We also suggest you read the sections of the relevant funding area under What We Support and review some case studies to get a better idea of what we fund. We also encourage you to speak to the relevant program manager about your project.

What if the authorised person can't sign the declaration on the application?

If the authorised person (usually the CEO) is not able to sign the declaration (for example, if they are away on extended leave) the reason must be outlined in the application. An authorised second may then sign the declaration.

What if my organisation doesn't have an annual report?

If your organisation does not produce an annual report you can attach newsletters, bulletins or minutes from your Annual General Meeting in its place. This information helps our reviewers to gain a better understanding of your organisation.

Should we include support letters with the application?

Support letters are well regarded and helpful. Please make sure they are relevant to the application and support your case for funding. They must be included if you are planning to work with a school.

Do you fund existing projects?

Given our focus on innovation, we do not fund existing projects, although we may consider applications for strategic expansions of existing programs or new/innovative additions to an existing project. Please note that the Foundation does not fund retrospectively – we will not fund projects that have already started.

Can I speak to someone regarding my application?

Yes! If you can’t find the information you need on the website, our program management team can be contacted by phone or email to discuss your project and application. Our administration team can assist with queries regarding eligibility and the application process.

Do you provide feedback if an application is unsuccessful?

The Foundation is run by a small number of staff. Due to the large number of applications we receive, unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide formal feedback for unsuccessful applications.

Can our organisation receive a second grant if we have a current grant?

Generally the Foundation requires a current grant to be successfully completed and acquitted before awarding a subsequent grant.

What happens once the application is received?

You will receive an automated email acknowledging your application. The program manager then makes an initial assessment and may contact you to request further information or discuss the project, or make an appointment to meet, especially if it is for a larger grant. We sometimes uses expert external reviewers to help ensure that funding is given in context and to the best of our knowledge and ability. Priority projects are then short-listed for discussion by committees that include members of our board and a final set of recommendations are compiled for submission to the board at one of our thrice-yearly board meetings.

Are there any obligations if a grant is awarded?

All grants are subject to our Standard Grant Conditions. The Standard Grant Conditions outline obligations for grantees, such as reporting and evaluation, after a grant has been awarded.

When will we find out if our application was successful?

Generally, the process of evaluation, assessment and approval takes approximately three months from the funding round closing date. After the board meeting you will be notified in writing whether or not your application has been successful. 

What if I can't find the answer to my question?

If you can't find the answer on our website please email your question via our contact form or call 03 9650 3188.

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