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    A major Australian philanthropic foundation that supports and promotes excellence and innovation, facilitating positive social change, and developing Australia’s creativity and capacity as a nation.

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    The Ian Potter Foundation’s vision is of a vibrant, healthy and fair Australia.

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    The Ian Potter Foundation, since 1964

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Funding Rounds

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Round 2 - 2017

Applications open 27 March 2017

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Monday 27 March 2017
Friday 21 April 2017


Monday 27 March 2017
Tuesday 6 June 2017

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September 2017

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Round 3 - 2017

By Invitation Only

This round commences in July 2017 and closes in September 2017. We do not seek applications as the round is by invitation only.

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Round 1 - 2018

Applications open 6 November 2017

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  • Arts
  • Health & Disability


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  • International Learning & Development
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Expression of Interest

Monday 6 November 2017
Friday 8 December 2017


Monday 6 November 2017
Tuesday 30 January 2018

Grants Announced

May 2018

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Featured Stories

  • In celebration of Science Week, the Foundation has drawn together three case studies of recent Science grants providing opportunities for early career researchers, in the form of fellowships and multi-disciplinary collaboration. These case studies also focus on environmental science research, an area where we believe particular emphasis is needed. 

    The Foundation’s Science program is committed to supporting exceptional scientists with the aim of making a long-term contribution to deeper thinking and inquiry to attain knowledge vital to Australia. Each of these case studies reflects these objectives by presenting ‘deep’ research in different ways.

    Going Deep in Science Week

    'Whether it’s collecting data from Antarctic ice core samples, researching marine species and coral on the Great Barrier Reef or cataloguing the biodiversity present in our fauna, all these researchers are conducting deep investigations of the complexity of our environment that will contribute to a better understanding of many ‘bigger picture’ issues.'

    Craig Connelly, CEO

  • There is a well-known saying: it takes a village to raise a child. Like many of these old sayings there is a fundamental truth to this and three of the Foundation’s recent Education grants illustrate how important the ‘village’ is to the success of the child. In different ways each of these projects demonstrates how the wider community can support younger generations to embrace education, and reap all the benefits that brings.

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    ‘There is ample evidence that multidisciplinary, inter-sectoral efforts can work.‘

    Prof Fiona Stanley AC, ARACY's first CEO and now a Governor of The Ian Potter Foundation

  • Sir Ian Potter’s great interest in medical research began before he established this Foundation. In 1960 he and Ken Myer each donated £50,000 and underwrote another £50,000 to grease the wheels for the creation of a new medical research institute that would become the Howard Florey Institute. Helping set up The Florey left a deep mark on Sir Ian and spiked his interest in the power of philanthropy. 

    Accordingly, Medical Research has been a central aspect of The Ian Potter Foundation’s giving from the start. Some of the Foundation’s first grants were directed to supporting significant medical research institutions and the talented people behind them. The fundamental principles of the approach first taken by Sir Ian and the expert advisors on the Foundation’s original Board, are still relevant and remain at the core of the Foundation’s approach to Medical Research grants. 

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    “The science has changed a great deal since then but the decisions about where the money should be invested still come back to the same key requirement: that the program is of the highest standard - and that criterion extends to the people, the institution and the idea.”

    Professor Graeme Ryan AC, Governor of The Ian Potter Foundation

  • The Ian Potter Foundation has awarded its largest ever science and education grant of $7.8 million, over five years, to Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre. In recognition, Questacon has renamed their Deakin facility (formerly the Questacon Technology Learning Centre) ‘The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre’.

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    “This grant reflects the importance of this project for Australia and the investment required to transition to the technology-focused, innovative, knowledge-based economy that is vital to Australia’s future,” said Janet Hirst, Chief Executive Officer of The Ian Potter Foundation


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March 07 2017

Funding rounds to change in future

The Ian Potter Foundation is making changes to its funding rounds...

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January 30 2017

The Ian Potter Foundation's Evaluator Pool is open

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December 15 2016

Grants Round Up, Funding Round 3 2016

At our recent Board Meeting, the Governors considered invited app...

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November 22 2016

The Ian Potter Centre for Genomics and Personalised Medicine

Recently, Professor Graeme B. Ryan, a Governor of The Ian Potter ...


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