(L-R) Craig Connelly, Anna Spraggett,
Jenny Wheatley and Leonard Vary
at Think HQ Studios.

The Ian Potter Summer Listening Series

Episode One: A Sustained Vision 

(released 14 November 2019)

In this episode, Anna Spraggett interviews Craig Connelly, CEO of The Ian Potter Foundation, about the recent changes to its funding priorities and how the Foundation’s vision has informed these for a vibrant, fair, healthy and sustainable Australia.

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Episode Two: The Three CEOs

(released 21 November 2019)

In this episode, Anna Spraggett moderates a panel of CEOs from the philanthropic sector discussing trends in grantmaking strategy (international & domestic); the foundations’ learnings from evaluating their practices; and how philanthropic foundations are seeking to collaborate to ensure more impactful grantmaking.

Moderator: Anna Spraggett

Panel: Craig Connelly (CEO of The Ian Potter Foundation), Leonard Vary (CEO of The Myer Foundation) and Jenny Wheatley (CEO of The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation)

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Episode Three: Social Enterprises – what we’ve learnt along the way

(released 28 November 2019)

Part A & Part B (each part runs from approx 30 minutes)

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In this episode (presented in two parts), Rikki Andrews moderates a panel discussion with three of the Foundation’s grantees focusing on their experiences establishing and developing social enterprises. The panellists are representatives from three NFP partners of The Ian Potter Foundation.

Moderator: Rikki Andrews (Philanthropy advisor and strategist)

Panel: Jess Moore from Green Connect, Catherine Keenan from the Sydney Story Factory, and Florence Davidson from the Christie Centre.

Episode Four: False Economy (The Cost of Not Funding Evaluation)

(released 5 December 2019)

Also on Spotify and iTunes.

In this episode, we present a re-enactment of Dr Squirrel Main’s panel session (at the 2019 Australian Institute of Grant Management conference). This panel session has representatives from the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors who switch sides to role-play common conversations between grantmakers and grantees around evaluation and reporting. Through these role-plays, Dr Squirrel Main illustrates the false economy of not spending the necessary time and money on evaluating programs.

Moderator – Dr Squirrel Main, IPF Research & Evaluation Manager at The Ian Potter Foundation

Panel – Sarah Hardy (RE Ross Trust), Sophie Boardley (Melbourne Theatre Company), Georgia Mathews (Australian Communities Foundation), Andrew Binns (World Vision Australia).

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