Featured Stories

Featured Stories

  • Over the next few months, our management team will be working with the Board to hone the Foundation’s funding objectives across all program areas.  Changes to program area objectives will be effective from Round 1, 2020.
    We expect to be able to announce the full details of revised funding guidelines in late September 2019.

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    Check the Funding Rounds page on our website for further updates in September 2019.

  • This week The Ian Potter Foundation was honoured to receive, alongside the Rockefeller Foundation and the C&A Foundation, the inaugural #OpenForGood Award by Candid at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) conference in Seattle, USA. 

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    "Receiving this award strengthens our resolve to strive for greater transparency in our grantmaking."

    -Craig Connelly, CEO 

  • In the May issue of The Seahorse newsletter, CEO Craig Connelly outlines the Foundation's focus in the coming months.

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    'The Board of The Ian Potter Foundation met recently and approved a range of exciting projects across many program areas. At this meeting, the Board also considered proposed new funding guidelines that will ensure our future grantmaking remains firmly linked to the four elements of the Foundation’s vision for a vibrant, healthy, fair and sustainable Australia.'  - Craig Connelly




  • In late 2018, Dr Squirrel Main, Evaluation & Research Manager at The Ian Potter Foundation travelled to the US to attend the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference. During this trip, Squirrel attended the Foundation Evaluation Directors’ Meeting where she was able to exchange ideas with 20 peers in the US philanthropic sector.  Here Dr Main shares her learnings and reflections from this knowledge sharing opportunity.

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    Another trend included a greater acceptance of diverse evaluation methodologies.  Emergent evaluation of trickier approaches like capacity building and collaborative grantmaking were still new within the field.

  • 'I am pleased to share that the vision for the Foundation is now '…a vibrant, healthy, fair and sustainable Australia'. In October 2018, the Board of The Ian Potter Foundation approved the recommendation to add ‘sustainable’ to the vision of the Foundation. 

    Adding ‘sustainable’ as a fourth element to our vision reflects the history of The Ian Potter Foundation as a strong supporter of Australian environmental and conservation initiatives and confirms our commitment to grantmaking informed by the best science and the strongest evidence of the time.'

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    Craig Connelly shares the news of the Board's decision to add a fourth element to the vision of The Ian Potter Foundation. He also explains the reasoning behind this and what comes next for the Foundation. 


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July 01 2019

Reflect for success: become a learning organisation webinar

Dr Squirrel Main, the Foundation's Research & Evaluation Manager,...

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June 05 2019

Funding Objectives 2020 and beyond

Over the next few months, our program management team will be wor...

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May 31 2019

Open for Good

This week The Ian Potter Foundation was honoured to receive, alon...

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May 23 2019

Grant payments and GST

Important information regarding grant payments and GST.

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