New Education Program Area Objectives

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Children's Protection Society


The Foundation is committed to improving outcomes in education for disadvantaged Australian children from pre-school to secondary school, through support of school leadership, and parental and wider community engagement.

Australia’s education system has a large level of inequity. There is a significant gap between its highest and lowest performing students; far greater than in many OECD countries. ‘Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are consistently achieving educational outcomes lower than their peers’ (Gonski, 2011). Closing this gap in education across Australia is essential to delivering equitable education for all.

The Foundation recognises that schools alone are not responsible for ensuring every child meets their educational potential. Effective school leadership, and parental and community engagement in children’s education, are essential in order to strengthen students achievements and lifelong opportunities and outcomes. When parents, teachers and the wider community work together and are engaged and involved in children’s learning, students have improved academic achievement, wellbeing and productivity.


  • To support innovative programs delivered in early childhood centres and in primary and secondary schools that foster parental engagement in their children’s learning.
  • To support innovative programs delivered in early childhood centres and schools that increase wider community involvement in student learning and educational facilities.
  • To support school leadership to increase parental and community participation in school life.

Applicants will be required to speak with a program manager if applying for more than $50,000.

 Please note: these objectives have been superseded. Grantseekers should check the current funding objectives on the Education program area page.


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