Lessons from past grantees

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Image: Pexels.com, (CC0)

Here at the Foundation, we recognise the importance of learning from experience.

As part of our final reporting and acquittal process, we ask grantees to detail the lessons they've learnt throughout the course of their project. This feedback is valuable to the Foundation as a funder, providing us with on-the-ground insights into the factors that make for successful – or less than successful – programs. We have now distilled the collective learnings reported to the Foundation by grantees since 2009, and made them available for download.

In addition to the General learnings, which provide an overview of grantee feedback that is applicable to all program areas, we have also produced program-specific learnings for both our Arts and Medical Research program areas. Further program-specific learnings will be made available throughout the remainder of this year.

We encourage all grantees and applicants to refer to these documents, as they contain key insights into all phases of the grant process, from preparing applications to final evaluation. 

To download the documents, please click on the links below:

As part of the Foundation's recent information forum in Brisbane, our Research and Evaluation Manager Dr Squirrel Main held a session on evaluation strategies and setting smart KPIs. Her presentation is now available for download by popular demand! Just follow the link below to download:


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