September 6 2018

The Nature Conservancy Trust

By The Ian Potter Foundation

Aerial view of waterways through wetlands
Aerial view of the Great Cumbung wetlands
The Nature Conservancy
The Juanbung and Boyong land purchase (The Cumbung) to extend the Nimmie-Caira aggregation and protect these nationally significant wetlands
$2.5 million
3.5 years

This grant is towards the purchase of 34 hectares of land in the Great Cumbung Swamp in the Riverina in NSW, to ensure its conservation and to mitigate future unsustainable development.

The purchase complements an adjacent land purchase and is part of the Nimmie-Caira Project. It is an investment to conserve these significant wetlands and help mitigate future unsustainable development of this environmentally sensitive and culturally significant tract of the land.

The Nimmie-Caira Project aims to balance environmental and Aboriginal cultural heritage protection with commercial use to create an asset for the long-term economic, environmental and cultural benefit of the local community and the Murray-Darling Basin.

The Ian Potter Foundation was a co-funder of this initiative alongside other funders including the Wyss Foundation and The Nature Conservancy. This was Wyss Foundation's first conservation investment in Australia.