Dr Katherine Livingstone

Dr Katherine Livingstone attended 'The International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity', Victoria, Canada, 7–10 June 2017.

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June 2017


Dr Livingstone leads a research program within Deakin University’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) seeking to understand barriers to healthy eating in adults.

Her research focuses on understanding barriers to healthy eating, including investigating how dietary intakes influence risk of chronic disease and obesity and whether there is a role for personalised nutrition to improve current diets. Disseminating her research at international conferences is an important opportunity to improve the visibility of her research and to generate potential collaboration among experts in her field.

Aims & Objectives

The ISBNPA 2017 conference provided a key opportunity to disseminate Dr Livingstone’s research to an international audience. With 900 members representing 40 countries, ISBNPA members include more than 40 government agencies, industry and professional organisations and over 150 academic and medical institutions.

The short-term goals included communicating Dr Livingstone’s research findings to the academic community, as well as networking with experts in her field. The long-term goals included fostering learning and collaborations to inform the development of grant applications and international collaborations that will further Dr Livingstone’s research program. Measures of success from this conference included dissemination of her research to the scientific and general community, as well as development of international research collaborations.



Dr Livingstone submitted two abstracts to ISBNPA: one on findings from a personalised nutrition trial with European collaborators and the other on her research in the Australian Health Survey. With a poster and oral presentation at the conference, she was able to disseminate her research to a wide audience.

Dr Livingstone also attended workshops to expand her expertise in behavioural nutrition, including one on how to understand food choice. At that point in time Dr Livingstone was designing a pilot study to examine eating decisions and so attending this workshop helped develop new ideas for her research program.

To improve her visibility as an early career researcher, Dr Livingstone also engaged with the ISBNPA network of early career researchers by assisting with the organisation of events and attending networking opportunities. This led her to broaden her professional networks and strengthen existing networks, including re-connecting with alumni from the European Nutrition Leadership Platform.


Attending ISBNPA also benefitted Dr Livingstone’s research program within IPAN by fostering future collaborations and the potential for publications of high-impact journal articles. Dr Livingstone was able to promote her own research, as well as other that of colleagues, through Twitter coverage of the conference. She also promoted her research and that of IPAN via informal discussions with leading international experts in her field during lunch breaks, poster sessions and the conference dinner.

The success of this conference led to the following achievements:


Receiving this travel grant enabled Dr Livingstone to attend and present her research on barriers to healthy eating at a prestigious international conference. This conference was a unique opportunity to learn from and network with experts in her field. Benefits included further professional development of her research career as well as promotion of the high quality research conducted within the Institute of Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University.

Dr Livingstone’s future plans involve extending her research program to incorporate learnings from this conference into future grant applications and also further develop international research collaborations.

Author: Dr Katherine Livingstone, Lecturer in Population Nutrition, Deakin University

'Dr Livingstone is an outstanding Early Career Researcher who was supported to attend and present at a prestigious international conference, increasing the profile of her research and herself as a research academic. Dr Livingstone's research was subsequently published in a high impact academic journal and received further exposure through publication in The Conversation. These outcomes are exactly what the Foundation strives to achieve through its Travel grants program.'

Lauren Monaghan, Travel Program Manager



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