Catalysing Change - A national independent water and catchment policy centre

Image credit: Peter Soleness.

A fence splits the land and waters in this aerial photo taken near the Macquarie Marshes in NSW, showing the impact of different land management practices on vegetation, soil runoff and water quality. (Image credit: Peter Soleness)

We have a bold vision

The vision of The Ian Potter Foundation and The Myer Foundation is to create a new, independent, authoritative and trusted centre that can bridge the gaps between knowledge and power while working collaboratively with all stakeholders on solutions to Australia's water and catchments challenges.

What is needed to catalyse change?

We are seeking contributions from the philanthropic and corporate sectors to ensure the centre's long-term independent operation.

Total cost $35 million - The new centre has a projected cost of $3.5 million per year.

Funds committed $10 millionThe Ian Potter Foundation and The Myer Foundation have committed $10 million over 10 years.

Funds required = $25 million over 10 years.

Join us and be a catalyst for change

Click to the image below to download the Catalysing Change brochure for more information on this initiative.

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The rainfall anomaly shown in the Catalysing Change brochure was calculated with respect to the 1961-1990 average. Data for 1900 to 2017 are from updates to the AWAP NRM precipitation monthly means of the gridded AWAP dataset by Jones, D.A. et al. 2009. Data for 1880 to 1900 are from Freund, M., et al. 2017.

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