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Right: Highlights from the Travel program area, 2012-13.
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As one of the few philanthropic organisations to offer a travel grants program, the Foundation has had a steadfast commitment to this initiative, dating from the Foundation’s establishment in 1964.

The program enables promising early-career academics and researchers to present their work at international conferences and exchange knowledge with their peers through participation in professional development opportunities.

Supporting early career researchers to attend conferences and training enhances the researcher’s professional development, and develops their research through valuable feedback from and collaboration with contemporaries in their field. Ultimately these benefits filter through to the wider community through their research and the investment in Australia’s best and brightest minds. While most Travel grants are awarded to university-based researchers, they are also available to TAFE staff and indeed the staff of any eligible organisation that may have similar potential and opportunity.

Although Travel represents only a small percentage of the Foundation’s grant-making in dollar terms, the travel grants program has been effective in promoting the value of Australian research and overcoming the challenge of our geographical isolation. Since 1964, the foundation has granted 2400 Travel grants representing an investment of over $3 million in nurturing our nation’s intellectual capital.

Most grants made in this program area range from $2,000 - $3,000.  Details of our Travel grants can be found in our Grants Database.  Potential applicants should refer to the Funding Objectives in the Grant Seekers section for more information about current funding priorities.