Travel FAQs

How much funding can I apply for?

The Travel grants made are relatively small, generally between $2,000 and $3,000 and are paid to the individual’s employer (organisation). Regardless of the type of organisation applying e.g. university / non-profit, the amount of funding requested must be matched (or exceeded) by the applicant organisation.

Are you able to consider applications for travel that occurs before the project start date or outside the Foundation's advertised times?

Our flexibility with start dates is very limited. The reason we set project start dates is to allow sufficient time after our Board has taken decisions to gather any additional information required for us to be able to release the funding. All awarded grants must be assessed and approved by the Foundation’s Board so we cannot consider out of round grants. However, if the conference you wish to attend falls only a few days before the project start date noted in the application please contact the Program Officer on 03 9650 3188 to discuss whether your application can be considered.

Am I still eligible to apply if I'm not on a three year contract but am on a shorter term contract?

The Travel program is targeted towards Early Career Researchers who have an appointment of at least 3 years. Priority is given to applicants that meet this criterion.
Applicants with less than 3 year contracts may still apply, however their application will be considered a lower priority for support than those that meet the above criterion.
If you have a contract for less than 3 years, please include in the letter of support provided with your application, an explanation from the university as to why this is the case e.g. the university only provides one year contracts/due to the current funding arrangement etc. The university must also state in this letter that it is its intention to renew your contract for # years.

Does it matter if I am in my second year of a three year contract?

No. The Travel program is targeted towards Early Career Researchers who have an appointment of at least 3 years. Applicants could, however, be in their first, second or third year of the contract.

I note that the Ian Potter Foundation does not traditionally fund research for doctoral students. Are there any exceptions to this?

The Travel program is only open to early career researchers who have completed their PhD however, occasionally grants are made to senior professionals working in the non-profit sector.

What is your definition of an early career researcher?

Generally, an early career researcher is considered to be within five years of completing a PhD.

Am I still eligible to apply if I am beyond early career?

The Foundation does on occasion make grants to researchers who are beyond early career, e.g. if the researcher has changed research fields or has had a career interruption such as maternity leave etc. If you believe you are an early career researcher but do not fit our definition you can provide details in the application.

Does the Foundation only support early career researchers working in specific disciplines?

The Foundation’s Travel program is directed towards assisting early career researchers to travel overseas to attend international conferences/training for professional development regardless of their discipline.

Would the Foundation provide support for an early career researcher to travel overseas to undertake a research project/participate in a research collaboration?

No. The Foundation’s Travel program supports early career researchers to attend international conferences and or to participate in workshops/training outside of Australia. Applications requesting support for funds to undertake an overseas research project/ participate in a research collaboration in another country will be considered ineligible.

I am currently an early career researcher at a charitable organisation outside of Australia. Am I eligible to apply?

No, you are not eligible to apply for a grant from the Foundation. The Foundation is limited to providing money, property or benefits for public charitable purposes in the Commonwealth of Australia. The Travel grant program only funds early career researchers travelling from Australia representing eligible Australian organisations.

I am a researcher with a tenured appointment at an Australian based institution but I am not a permanent resident of Australia/or an Australian citizen. Would I be eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as you meet all the other requirements for the Travel grant program your application would be considered.

The travel grant program supports early career researchers contracted to Australian organisations, to undertake professional development and bring back the skills and knowledge they gain from attending international conferences/training to Australia. The researchers themselves do not need to be Australian permanent residents/citizens as long as the applicant organisation is Australian based (and meets our eligiblity requirements) and is able to meet all our requirements.

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