Program Area

Medical Research

Funding Objectives

The Foundation has a long-established commitment to supporting innovation and excellence in medical research. Our Medical Research program area aims to advance understanding and improve treatment of major diseases.

Grant-making centres on the provision of equipment and capital infrastructure to support outstanding research groups. We also encourage cross-institutional collaborations.

Medical Research applications are considered by the Board of Governors once a year. Applications are made via our online application system. Please refer to closing dates.


  • To support major initiatives by leading Australian research institutes, universities and teaching hospitals in innovative biomedical research, the anticipated benefits of which are likely to advance the research outcomes of the institution as a whole.
  • To support organisations undertaking research into major diseases.


The Foundation will not normally support requests for funds for:

Projects suitable for submission to the Australian Research Council (ARC) and/or the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC)

  • Salaries for researchers or research assistants and for equipment which should be the subject of submissions to the ARC or NH&MRC
  • Purposes which are core to the operations of the organisation and should more appropriately be funded from institutional operating funds
  • Research projects for which there would be a reasonable prospect of attracting commercial funding
  • Research scholarships or projects which would be awarded by the grantseeker to third parties

Please also refer to general exclusions [PDF].


For an overview of the whole grant process, view the flowchart here.

Applications are now closed for 2015