Program Area

Health & Disability

Funding Objectives

The Foundation prioritises funding for innovative programs that enhance the lives of people with disability or chronic illness and/or promote the health of the community. Applications for this program area are considered once a year by the Board of Governors.  


The Foundation will favourably consider proposals that aim to:

  • Enhance the lives of individuals with disability or chronic illness, particularly through innovative approaches to health service delivery
  • Promote research and development in public health and preventative medicine initiatives aimed at improving the health of the Australian community.


The Foundation will not normally support requests for funds for:

  • Salaries of health personnel, research assistants, small items of equipment or programs which are usually substantially funded by government or major public health organisations
  • Equipment and services which should properly be provided for in the usual operation of the hospital or health facility.

Please note: within our grant making to Indigenous projects the Foundation is concentrating on major programs with the potential to make a significant difference. Small, one off projects are not within the Foundation's current ambit.

Applications for 2014 are closed.

For an overview of the whole grant process, view the flowchart here.