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Right: Highlights from the Conference program area, 2012-13.
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The sharing, exchange and dissemination of knowledge is another important aspect of the Foundation’s commitment to excellence and to our desire to build capacity within Australia’s not-for-profit sector. The Ian Potter Foundation’s Conference program area supports the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge across a global stage.  The program assists organisations to bring keynote speakers of international renown to Australia. The speakers impart their knowledge and expertise to conference delegates in Australia to inspire new thinking and foster learning.

Conference grants are a great example of how relatively small grants can have a significant impact. A new approach or way of thinking can make a significant difference to a not-for-profit organisation, and that ripple effect can inspire a fresh focus, spark new research and create networks and knowledge-sharing frameworks.

Grants are made through this program area to assist with the travel and accommodation costs of hosting an international keynote speaker.

The subjects of the supported conferences range from areas of public interest, such as suicide prevention which was the focus of a conference hosted by Suicide Prevention Australia in 2013, through to specialised scientific gatherings such as the International Symposium on Agami Lizards hosted by Museums Victoria.

Details of our Conference grants can be found in our Grants Database. Potential applicants should refer to the Funding Objectives in the Apply for a Grant section for more information about current funding priorities.